Avomoji - A Feast of Emoticons

Featuring Intricate Emoji Patterns
Year: 2023
Technology: Illustrator
Categories: Illustrations, Icons, Patterns


Communication nowadays is essential and has become more diverse. Apart from words, some people use emojis to express their emotions. To cater to this trend, I created a set of emojis that are cute and unique. It features an avocado, which is cute and chubby, to make it creative and fun. These emojis showcase various emotions that we experience every day. They are not only effective in conveying emotions but also fun and bring a smile to anyone who uses them.

When I started working on the avocado vibe project, I was eager to create a set of vibrant and lively patterns that would perfectly complement the essence of this theme. Using Adobe Illustrator as my creative tool, I invested my skills and time brainstorming various design ideas and finally arrived at these unique avocado-inspired patterns.

What’s more, the entire process of conceiving these graphics was a remarkably calming experience for me, almost like a therapeutic escape. I am proud of the result and grateful to have had the opportunity to work on such a fascinating and lovely project.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of creating something from scratch, and that’s exactly what I experienced with this project. I decided to delve into the world of avocado emojis and patterns, and it was an incredibly fun and enlightening exercise. Using Illustrator, I was able to experiment with a variety of different colors and shapes, allowing me to explore my creativity and try out different techniques.

What I particularly enjoyed about this project was the chance to practice my skills with simple shapes and patterns. I was able to experiment with different facial expressions, playing around with different features and proportions to create a range of unique and quirky designs. Overall, this was an immensely educational project that really pushed me to develop my digital art skills and explore the endless possibilities of Illustrator.