Let's talk crystals

Instagram carousel with 9 unique crystal presentations for inspiration
Year: 2023
Technology: PhotoShop
Categories: Social Media, Instagram


This project is an exceptional representation of a collection of nine exquisite crystals, each possessing unique properties that can enhance the positive energy present in our homes. The project comprises of an Instagram carousel that is visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing, carefully curated with the expert guidance of an interior designer who specialized in optimizing energy flow within domestic spaces. The project aims to demonstrate the benefits and advantages of having these crystals in our homes, showcasing each crystal’s individual properties that promote health, inspiration, and overall wellbeing.

With a focus on promoting harmony and a sense of welcome in our living spaces, the featured crystals have been carefully chosen to complement one another, encouraging positive energy flow and creating a harmonious and inviting environment. It is an excellent initiative that seeks to promote the importance of positive energy in any living space.


Creating an Instagram carousel is an exciting way to share multiple visuals or pictures in a single post, allowing you to convey your message and capture your audience’s attention. However, simply adding pictures in succession may not be enough to create a successful carousel. To maximize user engagement, it’s essential to ensure that each picture seamlessly flows into the next, creating an overall cohesive experience.

By paying attention to details such as color scheme, composition, and narrative flow, you can create a visually stunning carousel that tells a story and effectively captures your audience’s attention. So, it’s not just about posting multiple pictures; it’s about creating a beautiful, engaging, and cohesive carousel that tells a story and keeps your followers captivated.