Forza ferrari

Instagram grid for scuderia ferrari F1 team
Year: 2023
Technology: PhotoShop
Categories: Instagram, Social Media, Formula 1


I love Formula 1, and I decided to create a series of nine captivating Instagram posts dedicated to celebrating the legendary Scuderia Ferrari F1 team. Each post was carefully designed using Adobe Photoshop, with their signature red and yellow colors, representing their speed and skill on the track.

The main goal of this project was to honor Ferrari’s impressive history by showcasing their racing legacy through the iconic prancing horse emblem. This symbol represents their power and elegance, defining Scuderia Ferrari throughout Formula One’s history.

Digging into the fascinating history of Scuderia Ferrari, I wanted to tell a visual story that highlighted their rich legacy. So, I cleverly included an image of their iconic red doors, which have witnessed countless victories and moments of dedication from the team.


With this series of posts, I aimed to inspire admiration and respect for the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team among motorsport enthusiasts and loyal fans. By combining visual elements and artistic design, each post blends the team’s heritage with their pursuit of excellence on the racetrack, creating a powerful visual journey that resonates with the global F1 community.

In conclusion, my love for Formula 1 and deep admiration for Scuderia Ferrari sparked this creative project. Through these Instagram posts, I wanted to honor the team’s extraordinary legacy and foster a greater appreciation for the famous red-clad racers and their prancing horse emblem among fans and followers.