#LN4 Silverstone 2023

Posters for F1 driver Lando Norris and his Silverstone GP Merch
Year: 2023
Technology: Illustrator, PhotoShop
Categories: Branding, Poster, Formula 1


As an admirer of Formula 1, I was pleased to attend the recent Austrian Grand Prix and witness the impressive performance of my favorite McLaren driver, Lando Norris.

Motivated by this experience and the opportunity to saw him in person, I have decided to create a series of professional and straightforward posters featuring his branding. I find his colour scheme to be particularly appealing and look forward to producing engaging material that accurately represents his image.

This design features a bold color scheme, utilizing black and neon yellow elements, ideal for Lando and his home GP in Silverstone. The resulting posters are visually impactful and well-executed.

During the project, various design possibilities were considered, including different layouts or merchandise selections. Ultimately, the chosen design effectively communicates a clear message between Lando and his fans in a concise and straightforward manner.


The Grandstand collection was designed with the intention of catching Lando’s attention during his track performance. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it well-suited for this purpose.

My objective was to create posters that are engaging and impactful to draw positive attention and support towards our favorite F1 driver. I aimed to craft simplistic designs that are visually compelling to achieve this goal.

Regarding the posters, they are fan-made and not for commercial use. I don’t have legal rights to any official merchandise images.