Neutral instagram grid

Two Instagram grids in neutral colors inspired by Formula 1
Year: 2023
Technology: PhotoShop
Categories: Branding, Instagram, Formula 1


As a designer and social media enthusiast, I always aim to curate a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid. Recently, I have decided to create a neutral-colored Instagram grid because I believe that it can inspire users to look at their own content differently. The use of neutral colors creates a calming atmosphere and provides a blank canvas for users’ content to stand out. This can encourage users to be more creative and intentional with their posts, resulting in a more cohesive and visually pleasing overall presence on the platform.

Formula 1 is a sport that I hold dear to my heart. As a fan, I am continuously inspired by the insightful words of F1 drivers. To showcase these thought-provoking quotes, I have created an Instagram grid with a sleek and harmonious color scheme. This endeavor allowed me to delve deeper into the essence of the sport and its remarkable drivers. Overall, the process was an enjoyable and creative outlet for me.


Creating these Instagram posts in Photoshop was a rewarding experience. The visually appealing content aims to inspire and engage the audience. I am pleased and proud of the outcome, as it exceeded expectations.

Formula 1 is an environment known for its thrilling speed and calculated risks, while also being a place that requires an immense amount of hard work, inspiration, and dedication. As a passion project, I have created Instagram grids dedicated to showcasing the multifaceted nature of Formula 1.

My hope is that these grids will serve as a source of inspiration for professionals and enthusiasts alike, and provide a comprehensive overview of the sport.